A Brief History of Sticky Notes

Published: 12th April 2011
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Everyone utilizes Post-itŪ Notes but nobody thinks about where they came from or how they were developed. In 1970 a man known as Spencer Silver was working in a 3M research lab. Spencer was trying to produce a super sticky adhesive but alternatively came up with a very weak adhesive. Despite the fact that no one could figure out what to do with the adhesive, Spencer didn’t throw it away, but instead kept it. Then in 1974, a church choir singer, and a co-worker of Spencer, Arthur Fry thought of an idea. He would use markers to maintain his spot while singing but the markers would rarely stay on. Arthur remembered Spencer’s adhesive and put a small amount on the back of the markers. With Spencer’s weak adhesive and Arthur’s markers Post-itŪ Notes were built. 3M distributed the Post-itŪ Notes all over the country in 1980, and now they are one of the most widely used office products available.

Post-itŪ Notes are featured everywhere you go, from offices to art. In the 1980’s a scientist learned that it would take just about 506, 880, 000 Post-itŪ Notes to go around the world once. In 1989, a family evacuated their house because of Hurricane Hugo and left a Post-itŪ Note up on the door. The Post-itŪ Note remained there three days later. In 1994, the Easel Pad 2.0 that didn’t need push pins or paint was invented. In the late 90’s an airplane from Las Vegas to Minneapolis arrives with a Post-itŪ Note clinging to the nose of the jet. The Post-itŪ Note survived speeds of 500 miles per hour and sub-zero temperatures. In 2000, a fashion designer Ilze Vitolina designed a line of evening gowns totally made of Post-itŪ Notes. In 2003, Post-itŪ Super Sticky Notes were created giving the opportunity to leave a note almost anywhere. Then in 2009, 3M developed a range of Post-itŪ Notes that include a minimum of 30 percent recycled postconsumer content. Finally in the spring of 2010, Post-itŪ launched a brand of Post-itŪ Laptop Note Dispensers.

Post-itŪ Notes have in excess of 4,000 products and many various ways to use them. From bulletin boards to writing tools Post-itŪ has what you need. You can even get the Post-itŪ Notes personalized with your name or with your business. Have kids? Buy Post-itŪ Notes and Post-itŪ Craft Paper for Arts n’ Crafts. Available in a wide range of different colors and sizes you should never run out. Never forget an appointment or lose your place again with Post-itŪ Notes.

Eric Graves is the national marketing manager for Baslerco Inc, a custom post-it note printing company. Baslerco Inc has helped thousands of business, big and small, keep their marketing messages in front of customers.

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